waiting…for YOUR will to be done?

25 Sep

I don’t like to wait.

I don’t like to wait for people who are late (although I am some times one of those people.)
I don’t like to wait in line too long (whatever my definition of “too long” is at that moment!)
And I don’t like to wait if the “waiting period” should be over.

Case in point: I am due with our second child. I have been “overdue” for several days now. I am DONE waiting! There is nothing I can do about it. Yet, I have convinced myself that this waiting period should be OVER! I told my husband today that our little girl should be here already, and his reply, “If she was supposed to be here, she WOULD be here. It’s not time yet.”

And he’s right.

For whatever reason, I have not gone into labor yet. And although there may be a physical reason for the postponement of this birth, I think the greater reason is the refinement of my character and surrendering to the sovereignty of God. You see, this is usually the way things work between me and God. I get an idea stuck in my head about the way I think something “should be” and He totally unravels that theory until it is clear that He has a completely different plan in mind. A plan that goes above and beyond my my short-sightedness and reaches to the depths of the real issue at hand. In this case…waiting.

So I ask myself, “Who’s will do you want to be done?”

Ultimately, the Lord’s will. He knows the perfect timing for this child to be born. He knows the possible complications that might prevent her from being born right now. He knows that this is a teachable moment for me, and will not shorten it until His perfect work is finished. He knows all these things and more…so I will wait.

“But those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength…” Isaiah 40:31a


One Response to “waiting…for YOUR will to be done?”

  1. Melissa September 29, 2009 at 3:10 pm #

    Lisa: I stumbled over here after you commented on MY comment on McMama's blog. I was just kinda curious as to who are. Here's hoping when you read this your beautiful girl will have arrived. God Bless. Melissa

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