catching my breath

29 Jun
The past 8 days have been CRA-ZY.
It all started on Father’s Day when Marko’s family descended on our not-so-big house.
16 people (including 9 kids under the age of 8) squeezed into about 1000 sq. ft.
Note to self: Get a bigger house.
Monday I watched 4 of my sister-in-law’s munchkins while she took the 5th one to the doctor. Turns out he was having an acute asthma attack and needed to be admitted to the hospital. The kids stayed a few extra hours and a grand time was had by all.
Tuesday, we caught up on school (and everything else that didn’t get done the day before).
Wednesday I watched some of the cousins again (because Momma and little brother were still in the hospital). We went to the park and these really great kiddie fountains that the kids love…getting home just in time for naps, and dinner, and heading out the door again for church.
Thursday, more doubling up on school.
 And cleaning the house like mad.
And grocery shopping.
And thanking God that my nephew was released from the hospital.
Friday, we went to the beach with some friends that were visiting from out of town.
I got really sun-burned.
Note to self: Don’t forget to slather yourself, after you bathe the kids in sunscreen.
We got home just in time for naps, dinner, and hosting a party here for our niece’s 6th birthday.
Note to self: Really, GET A BIGGER HOUSE!
Marko made her a princess castle cake. It was very cute!
That night we also had a pretty nasty storm. Lightning struck my computer (I think) and fried it.
So, I’ve been without a computer for 3 days.
And I’m going into withdrawal.
This computer I’m using is my hunk of a husband’s laptop (which he takes with him each morning for work) so my time on it is very limited.
Well, back to my insane week.
I can’t, for the life of me, remember what we did Saturday.
Except that it was crazy and we ended it by going to church.
Ahhh….the home stretch.
The light at the end of the tunnel.
Only one birthday party to go to.
Although, I was alone with the kids all day because Marko went
He got to carry a gun.
And wear camo.
And ride on a vehicle that was 8ft off the ground.
He was in hog heaven! Heh.
In the meantime, the munchkins and I had a relaxing evening at my sister-in-law’s house.
We ate fabulous BBQ.
And hung out with friends.
And I was finally able to catch my breath.

One Response to “catching my breath”

  1. Joyeful July 5, 2010 at 10:05 pm #

    Whoa, I'm dizzy just reading this!!!Hope you can catch your breath this week!

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