the man i adore

7 Jul
This week over at Women Living Well the “Completing Him” Challenge continues…
Admire your husband in writing.

And, because I’m feeling obnoxious creative, I’m going to list his merits in alphabetical order.
Attractive- His eyes still melt me into a puddle after 15 yrs.
Brave- He goes to check out the strange noises for me in the middle of the night.
Creative- He loves to create things, from wedding cakes to model trains…and does it all well!
Devoted- He is completely committed to his job as husband and father.
Encouraging– He encourages me to take chances and do things that intimidate me.
Faithful- He shows me in a million little ways that he only has eyes for me.
Gentle- He is a pro at soothing hurts (emotional and physical) and always has a soft touch at the right moment.
Hard-working– He is the provider for our family and puts 100% into making sure that we have everything that we need…and lots of what we want!
Inventive- He is always thinking outside the box. He finds extraordinary uses for ordinary things.
Joker– His antics keep the rest of us in giggles!
Kind- He speaks to me with kindness and thoughtfulness.
Long-suffering– He is endlessly patient with my quirks and insecurities.
Masculine– He is a man’s man in the best sense of the word.
Nature-lover- He loves sharing his amazing knowledge of plants and animals with Sam.
Ornery- He is playful and mischievious.
Prepared– He is a man with a plan when it comes to keeping our family safe on outings and trips.
Quick -thinking- He always has an ingenious solution to problems big and small.
Relaxed– He is relaxed when I am a stressed out mess…somebody has to keep their head on straight!
Sincere– What you see is what you get with him. No airs, no pretense, just 100% real.
Trustworthy– If he gives me his word, I know he will follow through on it.
Unswerving– He sticks to his convictions and is not easily swayed.
Vital- He is vital to my happiness. ;oP
Warm– He is my personal heater on chilly nights.
X-tremely wonderful– Need I say more?
Youthful- He is young at heart and makes an excellent playmate for the kids (and me!)
Zestful (is that a word?)- He has a zest for life and fun.
God could not have picked a more perfect man for me. He is my opposite in so many ways, yet we are a perfect fit.
I love you, Marko!

2 Responses to “the man i adore”

  1. kewkew July 8, 2010 at 12:15 am #

    What a creative way to post about admiring your hubby. BTW, I have heard of zestfully (you know the commercials for Zest soap, zestfully clean?) so I don't see anything wrong with your word if it isn't an official word which it should be as the spell check isn't yelling. Anyhow, nice to meet you. Blessings

  2. kewkew July 8, 2010 at 12:17 am #

    If you leave a comment on my blog I will be able to come back and find you. I can't follow as long as I am on Google Chrome. And it is way too late for me to get on Internet Explorer right now. But would love to follow your blog.

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