no words

22 Jan

Are you ever in that crazy place where there are tons of things swirling around in your head,

yet you don’t have words for any of it? 

That’s me right now.

There is so much going on, that the thought of writing about it all is overwhelming to me.

There is school, which is going well, but takes a lot of discipline to stay on task.

There is my dad’s health, which is not looking good.

There is Marko’s work situation, which has recently taken a turn for the better

(read: he actually has work again! Yay!).

And then there’s me, the very pregnant wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend woman trying to stay afloat.

Some days all the balls I’m juggling seem to be made of lead.

Some days I drop them.

Some days I juggle them well, by the grace of God.

And blogging, well it just seems like a chore right now.

So pardon me while I take a breath.

I’ll be back when things calm down a bit.

And I might bring some surprises back with me.

So stay tuned.


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