love is…

11 Feb
“Love is not needing a snooze button on your alarm clock because when it goes off…the thoughts of your loved one make it impossible to fall back asleep”. ~ Natasha Harris
Nice thought, Miss Harris. Buuuut, not so much.
Love really is…
turning dirty socks right side out while sorting laundry, without complaining.
soothing your sick munchkin at 2am, even though they just puked on you.
giving up the last piece of your favorite dessert.
playing Memory with your 5 yr old, when you’d rather be surfing the web.
listening to your husband’s favorite CD for the 100th  time…in a row.
saying something  kind to someone who really gets under your skin.
not calling down fire and brimstone on the child that just broke your favorite (heirloom) treasure.
making sure that there is always toilet paper in the bathroom.
and keeping your mouth shut, even though you’re right.

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