my most important job

24 Feb

I used to feel like I had to be somebody or do something to make a mark on the world.

Before we started our family, I was a Middle School Youth Director for Youth For Christ. I had passion and purpose. Kids looked to me for advice, acceptance and guidance. I was a peer to Youth Pastors, a local Missionary and Liaison between the youth and the not-so-young. Boy, was I important (tongue planted firmly in cheek)!

Then, I became a Mom. A Stay At Home Mom.

And I never felt more unimportant.

I remember seeing a Youth Pastor friend a couple of weeks after Sam was born. He told me about the ministry that was happening, the kids that were getting saved, and the outreach activities that were planned. I felt so out of the loop. I mean, I was just a mom now.

I sat on the couch and nursed all day.

And washed baby clothes.

And contemplated how my value as a human was over.

Self absorbed? Yes.

Depressed? Probably a little.

In need of a major life re-evaluation? Absolutely!

Slowly, the Lord started to show me how much of my identity was wrapped up in my job. I measured my value as a person by the activities I was involved in, the social connections I had, and the title that I held. With all of that gone, I was lost.

Until the Lord whispered something into my heart.

“I have given you the most important job in the world.”

I started to realize that the job of motherhood is not something to take lightly. God had entrusted me with the care and training of another life!

A child to raise and love, clothe and feed, guide and correct… what could be more important than that?!

Now, as babe #2 has come and babe #3 is soon to arrive, I realize more than ever the magnitude of the job I have. It is hard-good. I relish the opportunity to be the best mom that I can be. Apart from Wife, it is the title that defines me now. And I’m okay with that. I’m proud to be called “Mom.” My energies are now focused on making meals and playing games, washing clothes and singing lullabies,  cleaning up messes and reading story books. And I couldn’t feel more important. 


One Response to “my most important job”

  1. Esther Irish February 25, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    It too have had this struggle, sometimes still do. Great thoughts on motherhood!

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