sanctuary sunday

27 Feb

I’ve been thinking about how holy God is. And how there is no way that we can do anything to make ourselves worthy or acceptable in His sight. Apart from the penalty that Jesus paid in my place, I would be totally incapable of coming into the presence of God without being charred to a crisp. Not a comforting thought.

But was is comforting (and completely AMAZING) is the fact that through the blood of Christ, I can come into the presence of God. And not timidly or with apprehension, but with boldness and assurance that I am accepted and made righteous, because Jesus made a way.  

You Made A Way

Matt Gilman

By the crimson stain upon Your robe
With every nail, with every pounding blow
By every stripe and every bruise upon Your back
I can hear You crying out

You say, “Father, I desire that they would be,
That they would be with Me to see My glory”
You took all my shame and my iniquity
For the sake of freedom, You set me free

You made a way for me to enter the holy place
You made a way for me to enter the holy place

I am Yours, You are mine
And we’ll be together forever


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