my sneaky husband

28 Feb

Let me preface this post by saying that Valentine’s Day came and went at our house without event. Money is tight and we decided that we didn’t need a dinner out to show our appreciation for each other.  


Sunday a week ago, Marko told me that he felt bad about not doing anything for me for Valentine’s Day. So, he made plans for us to go out to dinner Friday night.

“Ok” I thought, “Who am I to argue if he wants to do something nice?”

So we made arrangements for his sister to watch the kids and off we went on our date. Only, we started driving out into the country. The opposite direction from every restaurant known to man.

“Well” I thought to myself, “Marko has travelled all over the county for work. Maybe he found some out-of-the-way place that he wants to surprise me with.”

But nooo. We kept driving and driving…and then we drove some more.

And we ended up at a cottage that some friends of ours own.

“How romantic” I thought, “he’s going to make me dinner here.”

But, once we arrived Marko told me that we’d be staying the night!

Our first get-away (sans kids) in almost 7 years. I was shocked!

Marko plotted this for weeks. He planned and purchased (and cooked) all of our meals, packed my clothes, and thought of everything else we’d need for a romantic night away.   

It was wonderful!

Thank you, Marko, for being such a thoughtful, loving husband! You continue to surprise me in all the best ways.


One Response to “my sneaky husband”

  1. Lucinda February 28, 2011 at 7:41 am #

    very sweet thing that husband of yours did, how lovely!

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