one year ago today

25 Mar

…I wrote this post. How ironic that it is a timely reminder for me once again.

The other night at church, my father-in-law was speaking about how the Lord meets us where we are…
no “getting cleaned up to take a bath” so to speak. 
He was talking about how Peter professed his undying devotion to Jesus and then turned around and denied Him.
Three times.
After the resurrection, Jesus and Peter meet again on the beach.
Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves Him. 
Each time Peter says “yes.” 
The third time Peter says,
“Lord! You know I love you!”
And he was right.
The Lord did know that Peter loved Him.
In spite of his denials, Jesus knew that Peter really did love Him. 
Here’s the incredible part…
Despite my weakness and denials and sin, 
the Lord knows that I love him.
He knows that I will fall,
And fail,
and think that I’ve let Him down one time too many.
But He can see my heart.
He knows that I love Him.
And that makes me love Him even more. 

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