in which i fall off the face of the earth

27 Apr

Please excuse my absence.

I’ve been kinda occupied with this little face,

and enjoying early morning family time,

 and reveling in the fact that Sam adores his new baby sister. 

Rachel is 5 weeks old and has already made her mark on our home. Besides making sleep a precious commodity, she has captivated her brother and sister. Sam and Ava both love to hold her, and Ava is fascinated with her eyes (eek!), nose, fingers and toes. Sam, for all the stink he made about NOT wanting another sister, is totally smitten with Rachel. He tells me each day how much he loooves his new sister!

As for me and Marko, we are enjoying having an itty bitty baby to snuggle again. There’s just nothing like a newborn sleeping on your chest!

Life with another babe in the mix is not as challenging as I thought it would be. I was expecting total chaos with a 5 year old, a 17 mo. old and a newborn. But thankfully, the grace of God has been with me to manage it all without (mostly) freaking out. I am reminded again how powerful prayer (mine and others’) is in the time of need. Speaking of prayers…we were also very happy to learn that Rachel does not have CF. We weren’t expecting to get her results back so fast, but we are so glad that we did!

Well, excuse me while I get back to my babe. We’ve got more snuggling to do.


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