murphy’s law

21 May

Once again I’m reminded that newborns are ambassadors for Murphy’s Law.

Here are a few of the laws that plague our household:

If the diaper bag is stocked with plenty of diapers, baby will have a bladder of steel. If not, your “wee” one will do just that…over and over, until you’re using bibs and rubber bands to construct a makeshift diaper.

The older (and more stained) an outfit is, the less likely your dear one is to spit up on it. Putting a fancy outfit on is a sure way to induce baby puke. And waiting til the last moment  rarely works. My little darling will hold it all in until the precise moment I have her fully dressed and ready to walk out the door.

The more laundry you wash for your little gem, the more it will pile up. I’m convinced that Rachel makes five times as much laundry as the rest of us combined.

Going to the bathroom (to actually use the restroom) or taking a phone call, is a surefire way to induce total chaos. Screaming, fighting and bloodshed will commence the second you sit down or start talking.

But my favorite law is this:

As soon as your babies are asleep, they look so peaceful and angelic that all the turmoil of the day is instantly forgotten.


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