a beautiful day in the…hospital?

15 Jun

What a crazy week this has been.

Last Wednesday night Marko started saying that his heart was racing. He took his pulse and it was pretty high. He ate, took his medicine and it came down some. So he went to bed. Around 7 the next morning he woke up to his heart racing even faster. He called our brother-in-law and they took off to the Emergency Room. He was admitted within minutes with Atrial Fibrillation and spent the entire day on a stretcher (great for the back!). At 4pm his heart rate was still elevated, so they finally decided to admit him as an inpatient. At 11pm, and after some very strong medication, his heart rate stabilized. By the next morning he was still stable, and by that afternoon he was home. Hooray!

Or not.

Around 9pm Marko’s heart started racing again. By 11pm is was racing to fast that I could hear it when he walked by. So, we called our brother-in-law (because we had three munchkins sleeping soundly) and he whisked Marko back to the ER. After a sleepless night, he was finally re-admitted to the hospital. Friday morning (after more very powerful medicine) his heart rate finally slowed down. This time the doctor decided to monitor him for a while before discharging him (thankfully!). Saturday,  he had another episode  and at that point an Echocardiogram was ordered for Monday- to see what was going on. So we waited…and waited…and waited some more. On Monday the Echo was done and the results came back normal. In the meantime, Marko’s heart rate had stabilized and we received a ‘all clear’ for Marko to be discharged, pending the results of the Echo. So…yesterday afternoon he was discharged. Thank the LORD! We are so relieved to have Marko back home!



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