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no better place- a repost

21 Oct

Can you hear the call?

Come to me my people, come

Perhaps you feel like the Prodigal Son…

longing for home but, afraid of the reception you’ll receive if you dare to show your face?

There’s no need to be afraid of your Father

will He frown, cross His arms and turn away?

When I see you I will run

What’s this? He’s running to meet you?!

I will be there, I will be there

What comfort is found in His embrace!

Before you call, I will answer you

He quiets you with His love and sings a soothing song to your soul.

While you still speak, I will hear

He hears the longings and intentions of your heart,

listens in rapt attention while you pour out your soul.

My ears are turned to the cry of my chosen ones

He hears the cry and listens with compassion,

ready to offer the Love that will banish all fears.

In my love you can rest in me

Contentment, peace, calm, rest … all found in the arms of your Savior.

Will you trust Him enough to rest there?

For you are my very own

Despite your rebellion and stubbornness, He has an everlasting love for you.

A love that fights for, protects and is jealous over you.

So hold on to the hope you have

The hope birthed out of the love that’s been lavished on you.

Hope that knows no limits, no restrictions, no “If you do ‘….’, He’ll love you more.”

That I would draw you to myself

With a love that keeps pursuing and never gives up on you.

That pulls you in and captivates you.

For I will never leave you alone

Even in the dark, lonely places He is there.

When you are blinded and disillusioned, defeated and filled with regret, He is there.

You are never alone.

I will not forget you, I gather my lambs in my arms

Even though you wander and stray, looking to greener pastures.

You are always on His mind.

He will search you out and bring you back.

He will tend to the wounds and bruises, gently nursing you back to health.

So I will comfort you and carry you close to my heart

Carried by the strong arms of the Good Shepherd.

Held close and secure. Comforted by His presence.

There is no better place to be.

lyrics by Daphne Rademaker


sanctuary sunday

26 Jun

Grace and peace.

Often I forsake these two fundamental gifts from the Lord.

Instead of relying on the grace that He provides to carry me through the day, I strive and exhaust myself trying to do everything in my strength. Instead of resting in the peace that He offers, I worry and fret about things that I cannot control.


 when I’m looking at the face of Jesus the clouds clear and my mind is renewed. I am transformed by His truth and strengthened by the power of his might.

This song speaks of those things, and reminds us to praise the One that is Grace and Peace.

sanctuary sunday

5 Jun

Today is a good day to dwell for a bit on who Jesus is. And this song is a great way to do it!

sanctuary sunday

13 Mar

This seems like a recurring theme for me, but I’m constantly being reminded that the only place I find everything I need for life is at the feet of Jesus. Yet, I’m so quick to leave that place..or worse yet, pretend that I don’t need to be there at all.

This song is a great reminder of just how much I need to be there to truly walk in freedom and peace.

sanctuary sunday, er, tuesday?

22 Feb

Well, seeing how my computer was down for a couple of days, I wasn’t able to post my Sanctuary Sunday song. So here it is…a little late.

Beloved- Tenth Avenue North

Sometimes it’s so easy for me to get caught up in the religiosity of my relationship with Jesus and forget that it’s just that…a relationship. Lately the Lord has reminded me that His greatest joy is in meeting with me. Just the two of us spending time together; Him, revealing more of Himself to me so that I fall deeper in love with Him. Me, allowing His love to soak into every crack and crevice of my soul so He becomes my only desire.

This song is part of that reminder. That I am His bride, His beloved.



sanctuary sunday

6 Feb

Sanctuary: a place of refuge and protection

Starting today, I’ll be posting a song each Sunday that expresses a place of refuge and security for me. Songs that dwell on the Lord, all that He is, and all He has done for me.

Today this song has been running through my head.

I am so grateful that I can go to the cross, lay down my burdens, and worship my Jesus without guilt or shame.

Won’t you worship with me?

To the Cross- Paul Baloche

Where can I go

But to the cross

To the cross

For there my shame

You have washed away

Where can I go

But to the cross

To the cross

For there You gave up

 Your life for me

You gave Your life for me

You stretched Your arms out wide

I lift my hands up high to my Savior

You stretched Your arms out wide

I lift my hands up high to my Savior

So Lord I run

To the cross to the cross

Surrender all to my Savior King

Be my everything

Chains are broken

Shame has fallen

All my sins are gone